Rock Legends KISS Stopped A Show To Do Something That Will Make Liberals Lose Their Minds!

I enjoy all kinds of music and KISS certainly is no exception. I never got to see them perform though, but the one time I had tickets it was to an outdoor show that got cancelled by a hurricane. Of all things…

The legendary rock band KISS recently embarked on it’s “Freedom to Rock” tour, which saw them go to 32 cities. The band partnered up with the Veteran Tickets Foundation, which offers discounted tickets to veterans, and ended up donating $125,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The best part of the tour, however, occurred in Worcester, Massachusetts. There, the band brought a roadie on stage along with other members of the military past and present. Truth Revolt reported that KISS then led the entire arena in the Pledge of Allegiance, something they had never done before.

Lead singer Paul Stanley explained that they were trying to send a message to NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who infamously sat down during the national anthem before his games to protest against racial inequality in the U.S.

After reciting the pledge, the band played an instrumental version of the national anthem, a slightly more explosive version than Jimi Hendrix once did.


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