LEGENDARY Charlie Daniels Drops An Epic Truth Bomb On Chuck Schumer!

One thing that I absolutely love about Charlie Daniels is that he has absolutely no problem exercising his First Amendment rights, especially when it pertains to the subject of telling people that are jackasses that they are jackasses. Charlie Daniels laws down the law like no one else can.

Country music legend Charlie Daniels roasted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in an open letter, writing, “Sen. Schumer, I don’t live in your constituency, but in the larger picture, you live in mine and every other legal, taxpaying American citizen who is affected by the power you hold in your political party, your blind allegiance to it and the obstructionist posture to anything that doesn’t directly benefit it.” (via CNS News)

Chuck Schumer represents the people of New York. However, as the Democrat leader of the Senate, Schumer brings us all down when he sabotages President Trump. We the People elected President Trump to make America great again. Schumer is undermining the will of the people when he opposes President Trump, and we’re tired of it.

It isn’t mere opposition that we face as our main problem. Schumer is a partisan hack. He has no concerns for the well-being of the country — he only cares about reelection. After almost 20 years in the Senate, Schumer has flip-flopped on every major issue brought before him. He has no values, and no goals — apart from lining his own pockets.

Specifically, Charlie Daniels called Schumer out for beating the war-drums over the Trump-Russia collusion scandal. No evidence of wrongdoing has been presented, yet Schumer speaks of doom and gloom. If you listened to Chuck Schumer, you would hear all about how America has been captured, and has become a servant of Russia in the last three months.

“I believe that anything your special counsel will come up with will also be superficial, guilt by association, the fires of triviality fanned and proliferated by a tilted, hate-filled media and super partisan politicians,” reads the open letter penned by Daniels. Daniels went on to warn Schumer that the special counsel may wind up digging into the Democrats if he isn’t careful. Karma is cruel, and the Democrats are the last people that should be throwing stones, considering their track record with corruption.

The Trump-Russia scandal will ultimately amount to nothing, and will only increase the public’s distrust of the Democrats, and the mainstream media both.

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