Her Young Child Dented A Neighbor’s Car…Her Face Dropped When She Was Handed The Bill….

I was driving a friend of mine to pick their son up at day care while their car was being worked on one day. We picked the little guy up and on the ride home he started looking like he was about to leave lunch all over the back seat of the car.

We didn’t have a whole heck a lot of warning. By the time the boy got the words, ” I don’t feel good” out of his mouth, the rest of what he ate that day followed. Now, I did what any rational person would do; when I dropped them off I took my car home, put on some music and took to cleaning the hell out of the car.

There’s been a few times over the past few weeks on the internet where I have seen people send invoices for dates that went wrong, or that one goof that actually is suing the girl he went on a date with for God knows what.

The only time I mentioned it was when I called them later to make sure the boy was ok, because after all we’ve all vomited in someone else’s car at one point or another.

As anyone who has spent time with toddlers knows, they can be high-energy and sometimes difficult to control.

So when a mom in the U.K. saw her 3-year-old son had hit and damaged her neighbor’s car door, she was no doubt frustrated, but probably not surprised.

The mom did the right thing and left a note for her neighbor, explaining what happened and offering to pay for the damage.

Even a small scratch or ding can be expensive to repair, and the mom was not looking forward to hearing back from her neighbor… but when she did hear back, she was blown away by the response!

The compassionate neighbor came back with an invoice, totaling the cost of repairing the damages (including reimbursement for the cups of tea and packets of biscuits) consumed while contemplating what to do about the little incident.

But, in the end, the cost came out to $0. Because, while a scratched car isn’t anyone’s idea of a nice surprise, the reality is: “These things happen.”

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