A Retired Cop Looked At Ft Lauderdale Shooting Photos And Caught Something Everyone Missed!

One of the things that I find so amazing about the Florida airport shooting is that there are a lot of things that the mainstream media doesn’t seem to want to report on.

For starters, I don’t think I heard once about how the first responders checked to see what the color of someone’s skin was before rushing to their aid.

Retired NYPD officer Rob O’Donnell is now a security consultant and the Director of Public Safety for a town in northeast Pennsylvania.

He frequently posts supportive comments about police on social media.

When the Florida airport shooting occurred, media focused on many things. Who the shooter was? Why he did it? Was it terrorism?

But O’Donnell saw something else that others had not. Can you imagine the courage of this officer, standing, in the face of potential fire?

Standing to protect all the people on the ground beneath him. In picture after picture and not just the one O’Donnell observed, police can be seen covering people, protecting them, rushing them to safety.



Here are a couple more:


During the shooting, 5 people were killed, 6 were wounded.

O’Donnell has seen a lot of cop-bashing and he wanted to make a point.

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