Even The MSM Is Admitting This Religious Group Is The Most Persecuted In The World

One of the most decent men that I have ever known was a chaplain that was stationed on my ship when I was in the Navy. We’ll call him Father Jim. Father Jim was one of those people that God puts in your life to help you through what one would consider a tough time.

One time, he and a group of the other chaplains were eating dinner when we were on liberty in Spain. I got my group of people I was out with to pay for the chaplains meal. It was out of respect. That being said, the mere idea that someone would want to relentlessly persecute someone like that makes me want to be sick.

The mainstream media would have you think that Muslims are the most persecuted religious group on the planet. They constantly run with stories about Muslims being attacked by Trump supporters even when they are completely fake.

Remember when President Obama lectured today’s Christians about the Crusades for no reason? That’s all meant to fit the narrative that Christianity is oppressive. However, a study recently concluded what the most persecuted religion in the world is. And it wasn’t Islam…

From Fox News: Christians continued to be the most persecuted group across the globe in 2016, according to a study.

The upcoming report from Italian-based Center for Studies on New Religions, determined that 90,000 Christians were killed for their beliefs worldwide last year and nearly a third were at the hands of Islamic extremists like ISIS. Others were killed by state and non-state persecution, including in places like North Korea.

“U.S. policy has not had a strategy for specifically addressing the persecution of Christians,” Ryan Mauro, national security analyst for the Clarion Project, told FoxNews.com “For example, very few people are even aware that Iraqi Christians began organizing to defend themselves and needed our help.”

The study also found that as many as 600 million Christians were prevented from practicing their faith in 2016.

This makes perfect sense.

If you have been paying attention to the Middle East you know that a genocide against Christians has been taking place the last few years.

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