Tucker Ripped Glenn Beck So Hard He’s Gonna Have To Borrow Meryl Streep’s Hemorrhoid Donut!

Glenn Beck is something that on a day where I am deciding to be nice, the best way I could describe him would a ridiculous horse’s ass.

His blatant and blind rallying against Donald Trump is something I still cannot quite wrap my hear around. Part of me tends to believe that maybe he was bucking for a job in the Clinton Administration.

Anyway, Tucker Carlson appeared for the first time tonight at the 9pm slot taking over for another braying jackass in Megyn Kelly.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Glenn Beck for his first show since taking Megyn Kelly coveted 9pm slot.

Carlson grilled Beck on a flurry of topics including his support for Ted Cruz and opposition against Donald Trump.

The argument seemed that it was going to be an aggressive one, but then Carlson and Beck started to agree with on a number of issues.

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