Donald Jr Has Made A Gun Control Announcement That Is Making Liberals Wet Their Pants!

Anyone that has ever had to discharge their weapon in an emergency will tell you, you flat out do not have the time to put on the hearing protection that you would normally wear when you are target shooting.

Most individuals with even a bit of common sense realize our right to keep and bear arms is crucial and sets us apart from other countries. Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. agrees. Donald Jr. announced he is going to support a new bill that would make gun silencers easier to purchase, as per the Washington Post.  Although liberals will claim it is a gun control issue and probably attempt to stall the legislation like they did with a similar piece last year, the younger Trump says it is also a health issue.

That is how lawmakers positioned the bill the last time and how they hope to position it this time. They are looking to safeguard the eardrums of our nation’s 55 million gun owners, and they have even named the bill the Hearing Protection Act.

“It’s about safety,” Trump Jr. explained in a September interview with the Silencer Company. “It’s a health issue, frankly.”

Of course, liberals are saying not so fast. “They want the general public to think it’s about hearing aids or something,” said Kristen Rand, legislative director of the Violence Policy Center. “It’s both a silly and a smart way to do it, I guess. But when the general public finds out what’s really happening, there will be outrage.”

Well, considering that a large percentage of the “general public” are firearms owners themselves, that statement simply doesn’t pass the smell test. Despite that, Hollywood and the liberal elites who have probably never touched a gun are predictably blowing the whole issue completely out of proportion.

Proponents of these silencers – which they prefer to call suppressors – say that while they will indeed lessen the sound of gunshot, it will only be the equivalent of going from an ear-shattering 165 decibels to just 135, which is still the intensity of a jackhammer.

The original bill that proposed this generated such tremendous interest from the public that it was the third-most-viewed piece of legislation, as noted on So, let me spell it out for you, liberals: despite the name, “silencers” do not “silence” gun shots. You will still know a shot has been fired, except the person who fired it has some degree of protection from eardrum damage.

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