After Her Anti Trump Conniption Fit, We’ve Found Video Of Her Precious Barack That Should Shut Meryl Streep Up REAL QUICK!

I attended a sporting event with a member of the family not too long ago and whenever we would run across someone he knew from where he worked (personal trainer) he would introduce me.

There was one person of all the musclemen and long distance runners that impressed me the most. There was a young man about twenty, who has Down’s Syndrome. He would go to the gym with his dad and train with him.

Now, when most people talk about personal records in athletics the numbers can get quite high. When we were all talking he told me some number that to a person without any disadvantages whatsoever would be on the normal side. He told me with such pride. To be honest, he sounded like he was describing if Babe Ruth was talking about the number of home runs he had hit in his career. It was an impressive feat because he had worked so hard given the hurdles life has put in front of him.

Stories like what I just told you folks are the reason why when I hear some liberal jackass falsely accuse someone of making fun of someone with a disability, something somebody cannot control, and then we find out later that they did the same if not WORSE than what they were accusing someone of…it makes me want to put them in line for the volcano they need to be tossed into.

If you actually do five seconds of research you can easily figure out that Donald Trump didn’t mock a reporter because of his disability. He mocked a reporter the same way he has mocked several different people including Ted Cruz.

In fact, it’s pretty clear that Trump didn’t even know about the disability. But, we all know that the liberal media isn’t really big on doing their due diligence.

They also aren’t really big on being consistent with their arguments. Last night, Hollywood had some awards show to congratulate themselves and Meryl Streep thought it would be a good time to remind the world why everyone hates Hollywood.

Her lame attempt to bash Trump was something she had a right to do.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t really silly. There was definitely some hypocrisy at play. For starters, Streep gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation in 2003.  She left that out of her little speech.

Secondly, I don’t remember Streep being outraged when Barack Obama actually did mock mentally disabled people.

No media outrage there and it was far worse than what Trump did.

Meryl, stick to acting.

Here’s even more of the evidence that basically disproves everything Meryl said.

The reporter doesn’t even display the mannerisms that Trump was allegedly mocking.

This thing is totally made up by the media and Meryl fell for it because she doesn’t care enough to look it up herself.

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