Remember The COWARD That Harassed Ivanka And Her Kids…Turns Out He’s Not So Tough Anymore

I don’t know how far back some of you go; but I remember that back in the day when you flew there was a certain decorum  on airplanes.

I’m not saying everyone dressed up and wore suits, but it was from my recollection you were polite to everyone because for however long that giant metal tube was your entire world and you had to get along. Recently, Ivanka Trump was on a JetBlue flight with her family when a Liberal decided to harass her and her family, along with telling her that her “father is ruining this country.”

Well, he might have been very brave back then, but he sure wasn’t too thrilled when Jesse Watters caught up with him! Not only did he refuse to answer Watters, but he hid his face from the camera! Let’s not mince words here. The dude is a coward, pure and simple. He is willing to harass a young woman and her baby on a plane but he isn’t willing to answer any questions from Bill O’Reilly’s right-hand man Jesse Watters?

It’s pretty sad when he doesn’t even have the decency to show his face on camera but he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself on a public plane. When are liberals going to realize that the rules apply to them? It wouldn’t be any different if someone was harassing Chelsea Clinton on a private plane either!

When liberals get hateful, they need to realize that people have every right to call them on it and demand they explain themselves.

That is why I am pleased Jesse Watters took the time to track this man down. This video should be just the start. We need to have more people who are willing to do this on a daily basis, because some of the abuses and lies from liberals are way out of hand– even when they aren’t violent.

From Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that we “should pass the bill to find out what’s in it” to Obama’s “after the election I have more flexibility” and then finally to Hillary Clinton’s “What difference, at this point, does it make” quote, we have such immense lies and deceit from the Liberals.

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