Navy Vet Montel Williams Fires Of All His Torpedoes At The Chicago Torturers….DIRECT HIT!

I am not one that is prone to normally agreeing with Montel Williams. His almost blind belief that Hillary Clinton should be the president put him in a bad light with me.

However, there is always a way for someone to redeem themselves. Even the most hopeless of liberals can often fix what’s wrong with them by standing up and going against the grain of what liberals consider normal.

When I was a young man, I was always taught that even if you can’t stand someone, every human being deserves the respect of their fellow man admitting they are right when they are right. It’s just plain common decency.

TV personality Montel Williams was honorably discharged from the military after 15 years of service in the Navy and Marines.

So, you can understand that he has very little tolerance for stupidity.

After learning about the special needs white teenager who was tortured on a live stream by four black youths, Montel couldn’t remain silent.

He went hardcore.

Here’s the post…


From Fox News: The four suspects were identified as Brittany Covington and Tesfaye Cooper, both of Chicago, and Jordan Hill, of suburban Carpentersville. All are 18. A fourth suspect was identified as Covington’s 24-year-old sister, Tanishia Covington, also of Chicago.

The beating was captured on cellphone video by one of the assailants and has since been viewed millions of times on social media. The graphic footage shows the suspects taunting the victim with profanities against white people and President-elect Donald Trump.

Prosecutors offered new details of the assault, explaining that one of the suspects demanded $300 from the mother of the victim, who is schizophrenic and has attention-deficit disorder. They also said the beating started in a van when the same attacker became angry that the mother had contacted him asking that her son be allowed to come home.

A prosecutor told the judge that the suspects forced the victim to drink toilet water, kiss the floor and then allegedly stuffed a sock into his mouth and taped it shut as they bound his hands with a belt.

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