CNN Says Obama Created 11 Million Jobs, But There’s One Small Detail They’re Leaving Out….

In the past I had worked at one time or another for a temporary staffing company. For those that are uninitiated, I’ll give you a brief explanation.

You apply to them the same way you would any other job and when they have something that fits your description, they give you a call. The job, as it were, could be for a day or it could be for a year. It all depends on the situation to be honest. CNN Money just ran a story about Barack Obama creating over 11 million jobs during his eight-year vacation on our dime. See below, then read further to find out why there’s one glaring problem…

From CNN Money: The final tally is in: 11.3 million new jobs were created under President Obama. The president is claiming a big victory on getting Americans back to work again.

“Businesses that were bleeding jobs unleashed the longest streak of job creation on record,” Obama wrote in a letter to the American people this week.

He’s right: The economy has added jobs for 75 straight months, although his overall jobs gains aren’t as strong as some prior presidents.

The U.S. added 15.9 million jobs under President Ronald Reagan and a whopping 22.9 million under President Bill Clinton if you look at how many Americans were employed in the last full month they were in office versus the January when they were sworn in.

Obama did outpace President George W. Bush though. Bush is in the back of the pack among recent presidents who served two terms. Only 2.1 million jobs were added during Bush’s full tenure.


Obama and the media always seem to forget that nearly 100 million people are out of the labor force and more citizens are now on food stamps than ever before.

Also, why is CNN not telling their uninformed readers that the overwhelming majority of new jobs created during the Obama era were part-time or contract?

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