Instead Of Putting A Ring On It, Beyonce Should Have Put A LID On It!

I have absolutely no sympathy for Beyonce whatsoever. She is n absolutely hateful person that when she performed at the Super Bowl may as well have held up a sign that said go mess with cops.

Awwww. Poor little Beyoncé! First Hillary loses, now THIS. Beyoncé is trying to win the hearts of ‘fly-over America’ by going back to her ‘Texas roots’… or just try to hijack an award at the expense of country artists. Her 2016 album, Lemonade, has a country song about the lessons she learned from her Daddy — alongside this classy ditty and other angry lyrics about infidelity and revenge.

While the Country Music Association considered Beyoncé’s rootsy song “Daddy Lessons” country enough to warrant a performance slot opposite the Dixie Chicks at November’s 50th CMA Awards, the Grammys apparently don’t share that view. The track, off Beyoncé’s Lemonade, was reportedly rejected by the Recording Academy for consideration in the country field.

According to a story by the AP, Beyoncé submitted “Daddy Lessons” for nomination in the country category, but the Academy’s country-music committee shunned the song.
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Pro-Tip: If you want to gain the support of Republicans, stay as far away from the Dixie Chicks as possible. A person close to the Grammy nomination process explained that Beyoncé submitted “Daddy Lessons,” from her album Lemonade, to the country category. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said the country committee specifically rejected the song.

“Daddy Lessons” was Beyonce’s attempt to go back to her Texas, southern roots, as it incorporated horns, acoustic guitar and hand claps as Beyoncé sings about lessons she learned from her father and former manager.

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