Liberal Tried Slinging Mud At Dirty Jobs Host For Supporting Trump, He Did Not Let This One Slide!

I like Mike Rowe, I enjoy any program he is associated with partially for the fact that most of his projects seem to center around hardworking people; whether it be the fishermen on Deadliest Catch or the myriad of people that have been featured on Dirty Jobs. Interesting side note, I had to drive over the Mackinaw Bridge last year while visitng some family and halfway across the bridge the first thing I thought of was the time he had to help a guy replace a giant light bulb high up on the bridge. That is how you know you’re well known.

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe authored an incredible Facebook post, which filtered a bit of common sense into the 2016 election, and it quickly went viral. A liberal mainstream media reporter took exception with the defense of Donald Trump voters, but the president-elect’s fans fully have Rowe’s back!

Daily Dot writer Gillian Branstetter’s response to Mike Rowe’s article accused the Dirty Jobs star of trying to cover up racism by using economic concerns. The liberal writer also claimed Rowe was exploiting his fans for purely personal gain by using “bootstrap mythology,” according to the Blaze.

Mike Rowe was not about to let such allegations go unchallenged. “I believe a solid work ethic and a measure of ambition are essential ingredients to success and readily available to anyone,” Rowe said in response to Branstetter’s claims. Rowe went on to say the willingness to work hard is not a guarantee of success.

He added that success would never be achieved without both a desire to do so and putting in the long hours required to accomplish the goal. “I also believe that any able bodied person can metaphorically pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. You call this belief a ‘myth,’ and that puts us at odds over the importance of individual self-reliance,” Rowe continued. He noted the liberal writer was entitled to her viewpoint on the matter, but the claims of exploitation of Rowe’s fans were way out of line.

Rowe said he has not exploited anyone, dubbing Branstetter’s claims a “doozy.” He explained, “I run a scholarship program that rewards individual work ethic. I do so because I believe work ethic is no longer encouraged to the degree it should be. We’ve trained about 500 people for a long list of good jobs, and I’m pretty sure none of them feel exploited,” Rowe proudly pointed out.

Gillian Branstetter also accused supporters of President-Elect Donald Trump of caring only about blue-collar infrastructure when it came to the wall Trump vowed to build along the Mexican border. Rowe, thankfully, addressed that point too, giving the liberal writer a reality check in the process.

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