As Soon As Trump Was Declared Winner, BLM Thugs Began Burning Down Oakland!

I never understood the whole idea behind looting and rioting when you don’t get what you want. For starters, I just want to say that anyone that loots never steals anything that they can actually use. Seriously, when was the last time you saw people looting and they stole books?

Black Lives Matter and other anti-American groups began rioting in Oakland, California when word got out that Donald Trump had won the election. The domestic terrorists can be heard yelling “Not my president” in videos uploaded to social media.

Reports of cars being lit on fire and store windows being broken began circulating on the net soon after election results were announced.

Via The Post-Gazette: “About 2 a.m., a large group formed near the corner of South Bellefield and Fifth avenues, chanting anti-Trump slogans. A large police presence was evident in the area. Supporters of Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton could be heard taunting each other.

The group marched down Fifth Avenue, shutting down the thoroughfare at 2:15 a.m. The protest continued to grow more as the marchers moved through central Oakland and went against traffic on Forbes Avenue. By 2:30 a.m., more than a thousand people were marching in the streets. A group walking on Forbes Avenue kicked over a garbage can.

The commotion carried continued past 3 a.m. on Forbes Avenue as chanting continued and a drummer joined in. People wearing black hoods and bandannas led at the front of the march, which culminated at the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus.

There, expletive-filled chanting continued.

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