The Number Of People At The Latest Tim Kaine Rally Is Absolutely Mind Blowing!

Friends, a couple of months ago I moved into a new home and one thing that we had in very plentiful supply was leftover packing boxes and packing plastic from when the movers wrapped our furniture. They did an excellent job by the way.

About a week after we settled in, I said to my wife that we had to get rid of all of these boxes. So I did what any smart person does, you call up a few friends and some members of the family to help you break down boxes.

I called four people, and sure enough four people showed up to help me clear all this stuff out. I suppose the promise of pizza and wings is what did it for them. Anyway, I tell you this to make a point. All I did was need someone to help me clear out my garage after moving and I drew MORE people to my GARAGE than Tim Kaine does to a rally…

Hillary Clinton’s choice of Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate was very poor. The pro-choice Catholic (goodness, that cracks me up) can’t manage to draw more than a few people to each of his events.

One rally saw anywhere from 30-50 people in attendance. Another had to be canceled all together due to lack of support. Clinton/Kaine is going down hard and fast, and on November 8th we’re all going to be celebrating a Trump/Pence victory.

Today in Florida, three people showed up to Kaine’s rally.

If you can count the amount of supporters in line with one hand, you’re doing something wrong.

Atta boy, Timmy!

A dozen people have your back!

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