Trump Supporters Showed Up To An Obama Speech And Boy Did He Throw A Fit!

I have seen people try to perform or engage in some kind of activity while in a hostile enviornment plenty of times before. I have been to plenty of standup shows for example where the comedian onstage somehow totally lost the crowd to the point where everything he said may as well have been him insulting their mothers.

Now, the true measure of a public speaker is how they handle these hostile situations. They can usually go one of a couple of ways, but the thing that you NEVER want to do is directly begin arguing or belittling a crowd that you are in front of.

Obama clearly has not learned that over the past eight years. To put it mildly, he is a petulant child that wants to cry and piss his pants whenever someone say something that he doesn’t like. That’s putting it mildly.

Barack Obama has been vigorously campaigning for a criminal who is currently under two FBI investigations. Not only is it ridiculous, but it shouldn’t be allowed. At a rally for Hillary Clinton today in North Carolina, 44 completely lost control of the crowd after a Donald Trump protester crashed the party.

Check it…


Nobody respects this guy.

 How many times did he say “hold up” while the crowd continued to be loud and disrespectful?

Guy couldn’t control a country, so it makes sense he can’t control a single room.

I speak for the nation when I say we’re not going to miss you, Barack.

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