A Principal Made Elementary Girls Wear A Hajib, But One Parent Bravely Said ENOUGH…

I remember when I was in school on the last day or second to last day before Christmas break we used to have a Christmas party. Now, if you even said the word Christmas in a school you’d get flogged. Liberals do not care about Western values whatsoever. They will do anything they can to get SICK Middle Eastern policies in countries all over the world, including Australia.

The tension was mounting at a Queensland primary school where the Principal, and even some parents, tried to pass a rule FORCING little girls to wear hijabs, according to The Daily Mail. A mother of one of the students in the district was NOT having their nonsense and put a swift stop to it.

The mother, Brooke Patterson, led a group of outraged parents through the school district and put a resolution in place BANNING hijabs for children under ten years old.

Initially, they wanted the girls to wear hijabs so that their uniforms were “sexually modest.” It is disturbing even to SUGGEST that men are going to be lusting after girls who are ten or younger–unless you count Muslims who can take a bride as young as NINE.

Parents have every right to be outraged about such a crazy concept. What makes this liberal coward principal think it is okay to FORCE young girls to wear Muslims clothing? These little ones don’t even understand this perverted religion, yet they are expected to follow the standards because a Muslim somewhere might be offended?

Can you imagine the reaction of the principal if they suggested that every student should have to wear a cross with Jesus on it? He would be outraged, undoubtedly, and the feelings of Christians wouldn’t matter to him.

It’s sickening to watch the Left cater to Muslims like they are our superiors. They are not gods; you guys can quit worshipping them whenever you want. It is pathetic that they want to change the lives of every student in that school just to appease a small group.

Patterson spoke about the issue on multiple occasions. She made it clear that if this kind of toxic behavior was not stopped, the demands of the Muslims would just keep getting fulfilled, regardless of how insane.

The angry mother made her point known and we APPLAUD her for doing the right thing. She had the courage to stand up to these bullies when others were ready to comply.

One of the most potent quotes that Patterson made when speaking on the issue was, “Why would you be trying to do that in a secular state? We are not deciding at Benowa State School uniforms according to Muslim culture. The people who are most vulnerable to this are the poor darling girls between the ages of five and nine. Their religion doesn’t say anything about pre-pubescent girls wearing a sexual modesty garment.”

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